Park Shin Hye Looks Like an Angel

Park Shin Hye
Beautiful face like a top actress Park Shin Hye definitely looks appealing to the look and especially the men , Super Junior's Heechul also did not seem to be able to avoid and ultimately face actress hypnotized by the drama 'The Heirs'.

Both of these close friends who spent time together in a photograph showing off her friendship.

Heechul uploaded photos in the official  instagram account reap the attention of fans with the view that both looks full of love and a series of spoken praise for Park Shin Hye.

'Heechul is going', Park Shin Hye's heart and his face was like an angel. Park Shin Hye is really a symbol of an angel! YoonA the deer symbol! Noru is a symbol of a cat! .... sorry for the bad joke .

Shin Hye really looks like an angel to a sentence such as 'archangel's embrace' fit for him, 'Heechul is Going' is a project that the program will show her transformation into a celebrity reporter for searching and interviewing them. With a stack of top celebrities as close friends.

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